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  1. As the C&O Railway stretched westward along the Greenbrier River, The Legend of John Henry was born at Big Bend Mountain near Talcott, West Virginia. The Legend of John Henry is just that, a “legend,” and through the legend, John Henry became a symbol. He symbolized the many African Americans whose sweat and hard work built and maintained the rails across West Virginia.
  2. Aug 20,  · The imaginative treatment by Roark Bradford in John Henry () made the name known to many Americans. John Henry has been depicted in numerous works of art and has inspired film and television plots, but the story remains largely told in song, with versions recorded by folk, blues, and country artists.
  3. The story of John Henry, told mostly through ballads and work songs, traveled from coast to coast as the railroads drove west during the 19th Century. And in time, it has become timeless, spanning a century of generations with versions ranging from prisoners recorded at Mississippi's Parchman Farm in the late s to present-day folk heroes.
  4. Aug 02,  · The Story of John Henry The Story of John Henry is a three-part book in Wasteland $ 5.
  5. Oct 26,  · The Story. It is told that John Henry, a former slave, worked for the C&O railroad driving steel, a job required when blasting rock. Between and , the C&O railroad was building rail lines in southern WV when it had to tunnel through Big Bend Mountain near Talcott.
  6. Jun 07,  · John Henry went to work as a steel-driver for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad, or C-and-O. The company asked him to lead workers on a project to extend the railroad into the Allegheny Mountains. The workers made good progress on the project until they started working near Big Bend Mountain in West Virginia.
  7. Sep 03,  · John Henry was perhaps the most famous worker. He was born a slave in the southern United States. He became a free man as a result of America’s Civil War Author: VOA Learning English.
  8. The ballad and folktale of John Henry, the tireless railroad worker, is the stuff of American legend. The ultimate battle of man versus machine, John Henry represented the hearts of the working men who struggled to keep their jobs on the railroad as machines began moving in to do their work.
  9. This folk song tells the story of John Henry, an enormous man who worked on the Big Bend Tunnel near Talcott, West Virginia. The tunnel was carved through the Big Bend Mountain so the railroad could go through it instead of around it. Work began on the mile-and-a-quarter tunnel in , and the project was completed three years later.

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